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Pattie Vargas

Principal and Founder

Hi, I’m Pattie Vargas and I welcome the opportunity to work with you to strengthen your personal Resilience Factor. Why is this important? Well, face it, change happens. There is no constant but change! And whether it’s organizational change (we’re reorganizing AGAIN!), professional change (I’ve just been downsized) or personal change (this life just isn’t working for me anymore) the key ingredients in your ability to overcome and thrive are flexibility and adaptability. As a recognized leader in performance and change management with a proven track record in behavioral and organizational change, I can show you how to apply these success strategies in your life!

I am a frequent conference speaker on the topics of change management, personal resilience, team dynamics and issues facing women in the workplace, with a delivery that is humorous, practical and backed by years of personal experience, both painful and pleasant! My collaborative and facilitative style brings about dramatic improvements in workplace and personal performance.

And now for the creds: I hold a graduate degree in Organizational Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I’m certified in the use of DISC Behavioral Assessments and I’m a certified speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Company. From my technical days I hold the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Project Management Institute as well as a certification in Total Quality Management and Process Improvement from University of California, San Diego.


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Varied and deep experience across many industries

I have engaged Pattie on several occasions during which she has successfully addressed difficult workforce issues relating to changing individual’s work attitudes, lack of interpersonal skills, inappropriate behavior, etc. Pattie’s training and OD experience, specifically in the technology arena, has served her well; and she is adept at “speaking the language” that is necessary to turn around difficult situations.

– Diane Richards, Director of Human Resources, VT Group Integrated Solutions

Detail-rich  and actionable content 

Pattie spoke to a group of more that 100 product managers, consultants, and executives for Ryma Technologies Solutions, challenging us to set higher expectations for our work. She came highly recommended, and lived up to every expectation. We are very grateful for the level of energy and detailed content she provided.

– Val Workman, Ryma Technology Solutions

Never fails to deliver an audience related story

Pattie delivers relevant topics and inspirational messages, while maintaining an uncanny ability to weave her personal experiences into a well resonated, audience related story. She never fails to capture the imagination of the audience; a dynamic presenter, coach and mentor who would be an effective speaker for any organization for any occasion – TWO THUMBS UP!

– Todd Greenwood, President, Titanium Cobra Solutions

Practical and constructive guidance to opportunities for you to be your best self and achieve your goals.

I first met Pattie at an American Business Women’s Assn. Conference where she was my leadership coach. Since then, I have been fortunate to collaborate with her on projects for my Printing Company as well as obtaining leadership guidance on public speaking and team building.  She is thoughtful and insightful and encourages you to think outside the box and experience working with others in a new way that creates win-win outcomes.

– Gaylyn Wilson Devine, Treasurer, Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast (PIGC)

Expert in team building and social dynamics

Pattie is a trailblazing leader in soft-skills development for engineering teams. In addition to having technical expertise, she is a recognized expert in team building and social dynamics. Pattie is a natural coach and mentor, who clearly engages her audience to give back and help others thrive.

– Jeff Daniel, Sr, Project Manager


How long has Pattie been a speaker and coach?

Pattie has been speaking professionally for more than 20 years; obviously, she got her start as a child… She’s been a coach her entire life, both professionally and personally. People have always sought her out for guidance, input or feedback. 

Can Pattie modify the length of her presentation to fit my event?

Absolutely! All of Pattie’s presentations can be modified to fit within your schedule; from a one-hour keynote to full day workshops.

Can she also address some specific needs or concerns my organization is facing?

Of course! Pattie wants to ensure the message brings value to your team!

But my industry is unique ….

Pattie has worked with all types of audiences.  Experience across a wide array of industries and disciplines have demonstrated that her methodology and approach resonates in all situations.

Where is Pattie located? 

Pattie lives in beautiful Northern California but – thanks to the wonder of technology – she is able to provide her services across the US or internationally! If a plane can land there or a phone/video service can connect, we’re in business!

I hear Pattie used to be a Project Manager – true?

Very true! Pattie was a Project Manager, and then started leading other Project Managers, and then started showing other leaders of Project Managers how to be more effective! She discovered those skills came from a heart-felt desire to grow better leaders, more empowered team members and coach resilient individuals. Would you like to read about some of her techniques? EXTREME Project Manager Makeover!

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