How well do you handle change? How resilient are you?

Have you heard the phrase: “Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans?” Or “Man plans, God laughs?”

Is this what your life feels like right now?

Or maybe your organization is experiencing a great deal of change; restructuring, implementing new systems, changing strategic direction – and you’re not sure your teams are fully on board.

Face it, stuff happens – and the things we experience can either prepare us for the future or they can completely derail us. What makes the difference? Why do some people bounce back from adversity while others fall by the wayside? Why do some organizations successfully navigate through times of upheaval and change and emerge with stronger teams? It’s The Resilience Factor – a mindset that recognizes the power to choose the outcome is in our hands.  

Resilient people have successfully altered their perception of change. Rather than having a victim mindset that says “this is happening TO me” their perspective is one of choice: “I’m a participant in this experience. I will not react – I will determine my response.”  Resilient people recognize that the power to choose is in their hands and that is a game-changer. Change begins to look a lot more like transformation; from this angle, unexpected opportunities materialize. 

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